MCG ENERGY is one of the leading companies within the renewable energy sector, specialized in the installation and assembly of steel structures and solar panels


Solar Plants

With over 300 MW in its portfolio, MCG works for well-known engineering firms in Europe and in the world as Grupotec Renewables UK, Elmya, Valfortec, Aireko …

Civil Works and Electricity

For our projects, we also offer civil works and electricity development, addressing the project under one direction and thus increasing project efficiency

Solar Pumping Systems

We are also installers of direct and conventional solar pumping systems in agricultural parcels, isolated rural houses…

Why Choose Us?

We have the machinery

We have tracked ramming machines and drilling kits that allow us to develop any kind of work,  no matter how complicated the field is

10 years of experience

Es precisamente la experiencia de su equipo y socios fundadores,  lo que permite a MCG ENERGY abordar con éxito los proyectos más ambiciosos de forma ágil y eficaz

Competitive Price

Having the means and the necessary experience makes us particularly competitive when quoting national and international projects

International Coverage

We have an extensive international background, which has given us great experience on works outside the EU

Trusted Suppliers

We work closely with Praxia Energy, one of the main engineering Spanish firms dedicated to the design, and production of structural systems

Personalized Attention

MCG has a great team of professionals who will provide the necessary advice and assistance at any of your projects

Featured Projects

Partners & Customers

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